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What did they come to see?
By Rita Larivee,  SSA

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These photographs, taken over the course of one day, attempt to capture the scene at Vatican City as Catholics throughout the world discern the meaning of these events. Between now and the election of the next pope, National Catholic Reporter will provide additional photographs as they become available.

And as expected at any type of religious gathering, there were those asking for donations along the sides of the roads

As the time progressed toward the final evening prior to the funeral, the crowd began to grow very quickly.
Security was very present and clearly seen and provided a high level of safety.
Many groups chose to unite in similar dress or under clearly marked banners.  There was a great sense of pride for witnessing to the days as part of a group.  Individualism was not a mark of these days. Membership and community took the lead.
And for those living nearby, the window provided the perfect opportunity for viewing the activities happening below.
For those having the courage to enter the line leading to the viewing of John Paul II's body, the scene was a mass of people moving steadily, but slowly forward.  Cell phones kept many in the group in communication with each other, as well as with those unable to attend.  And the cameras captured it all.
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