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 Joan Chittister:  From Where I Stand

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Archives of previous From Where I Stand columns Volume 6 (May 6, 2008 to present)  Volume 5 (April 19, 2007 to April 16, 2008)  Volume 4 (April 3, 2003 to March 29, 2007)  Volumes 1-3 (April 4, 2003 to March 24, 2006)

Archives of previous columns
March 29, 2007 438 It's time to 'hunt the words'
March 15, 2007 437 When it's about women, you've gone too far
March 6, 2007 436 Christian, Secular or Something Else Entirely
February 21, 2007435 Morality: Is it a many-splendored thing?
February 9, 2007434 Oh no, not that again
February 1, 2007433 Gumbleton: Nothing but the truth
January 23, 2007432

Freedom of religion has its own demands

January 15, 2007431 Try to remember: The dilemma is a human one
January 4, 2007430 Justice is done: Why doesn't it feel like it?
December 21, 2006429A woman I know was murdered
December 8, 2006428Its a new American moment -- if were lucky
December 1, 2006427I know a metaphor when I see one
November 16, 2006426Road to Damascus still a place for conversions
November 9, 2006****Sr. Joan Chittister is on the road
October 27, 2006425What checks and balances?
October 16, 2006424And in this corner, weighing 30 insults is ...
October 9, 2006423What kind of people are these?
October 2, 2006422The Saints vs. The Falcons: Triumph or tragedy
September 22, 2006421Franz , where are you when we need you?
September 15, 20064 20But is that what’s really going on here?
September 7, 20064 19Whew, that was close
August 31, 20064 18What if somebody gave a war ...
August 18, 20064 17While we weren’t looking
August 11, 20064 16Pigeons won’t be enough this time
August 4, 20064 15The problem is inconsistency
July 27, 2006    Please note that there will be no column this week as Sr. Joan is traveling.
July 21, 20064 14A letter from the family: the human family
July 14, 20064 13Oh, please: this is not 'defense'
July 6, 20064 12What else could we possibly have done?
June 30, 2006411We need some 'rising great compassion' ourselves
June 22, 2006410A mistaken identity -- or no real identity at all?
June 9, 20064 9An update that unmasks the missing morality
June 1, 20064 8Who will weep for the cemetery of innocents?
May 24, 20064 7Religion in a different voice; politics of a different tone
May 15, 20064 6Insecurity: When the bearers of democracy lose it for the sake of security
May 5, 20064 5Witch hunts enough to go around
April 28, 200644Gone are the days when war was between armies
April 17, 20064 3Is this what they told us we were going there to do?
April 10, 20064 2‘Our childhood is killed in Iraq. It is killed’
April 3, 20064 1Iraqi women: Confused, maybe, but clear nevertheless

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