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 Joan Chittister:  From Where I Stand

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Archives of previous From Where I Stand columns Volume 6 (May 6, 2008 to present)  Volume 5 (April 19, 2007 to April 16, 2008)  Volume 4 (April 3, 2003 to March 29, 2007)  Volumes 1-3 (April 4, 2003 to March 24, 2006)
March 24, 20063 38No one’s laughing at this deja vu all over again
March 17, 20063 37What comes first: The chicken or the egg?
March 9, 20063 36Water, water everywhere … and not a drop to drink
March 1, 2006335A recipe for renewal or a recipe for revolution?
Feb. 24, 2006334When they make a film about Iraq, what will it say?
Feb. 16, 2006333A warning: Watch your language
Feb. 9, 2006332When is a cartoon not a cartoon?
Feb. 2, 2006331The great T-shirt brigade
Jan. 27, 2006330There's got to be a reason
Jan. 20, 2006329One if by land, two if by sea
Jan. 17, 2006328Political institutions vs. ecclesial institutions: Is there any difference between them?
Jan. 10, 2006327Anybody remember the 'pagan babies'?
Dec. 30, 2005326Monica, we need you now
Dec. 19, 2005325If you're looking for a sign of Christianity, look again
Dec. 12, 2005324Four strikes and you're . . . missing the point
Dec. 1, 2005323We need another investigation
Nov. 22, 2005322The heresy of national narcissism
Nov. 10, 2005321The inconsistency of the morally dizzy
Nov. 3, 2005320Correction: It's a Human Movement
Oct. 28, 2005319Practice compassion and someday you will become it
Oct. 14, 2005318Religion is fast becoming the major civil question of the century
Oct. 6, 2005317If the Eucharist isn't a right, is it a responsibility?
Sept. 30, 2005316Now they see us as we are
Sept. 22, 2005315A simple, doable, soul-changing project
Sept. 9, 2005314When there's no more to say, it's time to feel
Aug. 26, 2005313Concern for children's welfare ends when we toss them in prison
Aug. 11, 2005312Sometimes contradiction is the most Catholic thing
July 28, 2005311When language grows darker and darker
July 14, 2005310When is conversion not conversion?
July 7, 200539The tsunami that would engulf us
June 29, 200538Staying in Iraq 'at whatever the cost' will cost us plenty
June 23, 200537Good news for them raises embarrassing questions for us
June 16, 200536I don't want to play anymore
June 2, 200535The shock of being shocked
May 26, 200534What's needed is a little more activity
May 19, 200533News is a commodity to be produced at full speed
May 12, 200532Do not weep for me, weep for yourselves
May 5, 200531Left or right, madness is still madness
April 7-22, 2005****An American Catholic in Rome:
Coverage of the papal funeral and election of a new pope
March 31, 2005244The power of frailty: A papal plus
March 24, 2005243In the name of freedom and goodness, thought suppression is in the air
March 17, 2005242In case you think it's over
March 10, 2005241The price of our security can't be our integrity
March 3, 2005240Beware animosity masking as truth
February 24, 2005239Making morality just another name for villainy
February 17, 2005238Is this kind of Christianity Christian?
February 10, 2005237Keeping the eucharistic community eucharistic
February 3, 2005236The question looks theological but it may be a dodge
January 27, 2005235What the rest of the world watched on Inauguration Day
January 20, 2005234Questions for an inauguration
January 6, 2005233Coming to the revolution a little late but still on time
December 10, 2004232Doubt: the new substitute for proof?
December 6, 2004231Say that again - only this time in Latin
November 26, 2004230I give up: Who stole the rest of the commandments?
November 18, 2004229The reports of feminism's death have been greatly exaggerated
November 5, 2004228Yes, but what about the rest of us?
October 28, 2004227This election won't be over when it's over
October 21, 2004226When do third parties come to the party?
October 14, 2004225We're being gaslighted; Where's Joseph Cotton when we need him?
September 30, 2004224An appeal for America to be American
September 24, 2004223The sacredness of the singular
September 16, 2004222Have you heard this one?
September 9, 2004221Don't be fooled: It's simpler than they tell us
September 2, 2004220An election guide for honest-to-God serious voters
August 26, 2004219Beware what you're not aware of, it measures your humanity
August 19, 2004218I know we won, but what did we lose by winning?
August 5, 2004217And now in this corner, wearing Republican trunks ...
July 29, 2004216The fine art of rewriting history at election time: He did what?!
July 22, 2004215We are a 'Cabaret' nation, old chum
July 15, 2004214You will read this only here (unfortunately)
July 8, 2004213Insurgency and the Fourth of July
July 1, 2004212Dike-savers, film-makers and librarians
June 24, 2004211Thinking can be a very dangerous thing these days
June 15, 2004210So what are we doing about it?
June 8, 200429The picture is an illusion
June 2, 200428We have something to be ashamed of: but what is it?
May 25, 200427The situation did not start in Abu Ghraib
May 18, 200426The evil of naming people evil
May 12, 200425Is John Kerry a good Catholic?
April 28, 200424Yes, but are the claims packable?
April 20, 200423Church, conscience, constitution and common sense
April 13, 200422Monarchies, PQ's and Condoleezza Rice
April 6, 200421This time the joke may be on us
March 30, 2004150Hope is dancing when you can't hear the music
March 23, 2004149Have these people got an idea for you!
March 17, 2004148Is feminism a mob or a movement?
March 11, 2004147Religions have some repenting to do
March 3, 2004146When beauty and ugliness come face to face
February 24, 2004145When the truth becomes a lie
February 17, 2004144To succeed or to fail and how to tell one from the other
February 10, 2004143Meritocracy: The argument without a definition
February 3, 2004142Common criterion: A problem Jesus would understand
January 27, 2004141A just image or just an image?
January 20, 2004140Playground politics
January 13, 2004139Treaties don't do it; Homes do
January 6, 2004138Problem: When is smuggling not smuggling?
December 18, 2003137When stepping backward becomes a step forward
December 2, 2003136The real mark of greatness is in question
November 25, 2003135The rise of the other religious voice in the public arena
November 18, 2003134What we do not grieve we cannot reclaim
November 11, 2003133Before we export it, let's get it back ourselves
November 4, 2003132Who's being sacrificed for what -- and why?
October 28, 2003131Here's a new litany for you
October 21, 2003130Why go to church if you don't do what the pope says?
October 14, 2003129Coming soon: 'an effective and intelligent campaign'
October 7, 2003128Let's hear it for the irrational for a change
September 30, 2003127Don't forget that it's your wall, too
September 23, 2003126With Isaac and Ishmael in mind
September 16, 2003125Questioning what news is and why
September 9, 2003124You want who to do what? Well, par-don me!
September 2, 2003123Moses, we have a question
August 26, 2003122It's time to listen to your mother: Watch your language
August 19, 2003121Here's the question: Who's the real enemy?
August 12, 2003120It's time to vote in pursuit of our own best interests
August 5, 2003119 Vision: The fine art of seeing the unseen (The IHM story -- Part III)
July 29, 2003118Justice and power are not synonyms (The IHM story -- Part II)
July 22, 2003117Setting the record straight (The IHM story -- Part I)
July 15, 2003116I give up: What is Americanism?
July 8, 2003115Proceeding in the ways of peace means meeting those we fear
July 1, 2003114The common cry: Let my people go
June 24, 2003113Unleashing a power such as the world has never seen
June 17, 2003112Pogo may have been right
June 10, 2003111Tipping: the difference between gratitude and expectation
June 3, 2003110Unless I ask you to write, please don't
May 27, 200319Is there anything left that matters?
May 20, 200318Reading peace in the signs of the times
May 13, 200317Religion: One part solution, one part problem
May 6, 200316Truth Stumbles in the Public Square
April 29, 200315The Liberation of the Spirit
April 22, 200314A Call To Preemptive Patriotism
April 15, 200313What Are We Losing by Winning?
April 8, 200312A New Moment in Time
April 4, 200311A New Low In Congressional Leadership

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